The Upside of Dying

January 21, 2009

dyingI used to think about dying young. I don’t anymore, mostly because it’s too late for that. At best, I can die before my time, and there are some who would argue that.

I am actually quite at peace with death, and with life.

I have always lived life beyond my means – economically, emotionally, physically. I’ve spent whatever money I’ve made; my late wife made co-dependency desirable; and when you’re tall, you can hide a lot of cupcakes. It’s like I’ve charged a better life than I deserve on some cosmic credit card.

Dying young before my time is declaring bankruptcy and screwing the lender. You get the good life, and none of the indignities and agonies of old age. That’s the upside of dying.

The downside, quite obviously, is that you’re dead.

I’ve got one or two things to say before that happens, and this will be one of the forums I use. There are others, and I’ve linked them all somewhere in an effort to make sure I am heard, even if by just a few friends and acquaintances.

“He Was Fun While He Lasted” is my epitaph. I intend to live up to it.



  1. Saw your comment on Chris Brogan’s recent post about finding your voice. Loved your comment which led me here to find out more about you. Enjoyed this post. Let me know when you have an RSS feed to subscribe to on your blog. Would like to follow. You can find me at susan@randomactsofleadership.com.

  2. Thanks to Susan for pointing that out. The issue is fixed, and anyone can subscribe. (Taps the microphone.) Hellooooo. Anyone out there?

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